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Melanie Charming (WIP)

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Melanie Charming (WIP)

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:47 am

Melanie Charming
full name: Melanie Ella Charming
birthdate: 2/14
age: 16
hometown: Charmington
current town: Arcadia
child of: King Charming and Cinderella

Melanie in many cases is the total opposite of her twin brother Chad, and out of all her siblings is the most nicest. In many cases being her mother's mini me. Since she has always had a soft spot for animals and loved to sing. And had been considered to be very independent, and tries to be nice to anyone. Even though she has a poor choice in friends. As well often on the other end of Chad's taunting. Leading Melanie to have a way of not letting things bother her. And surrounding herself with people who were nice and often can be known to hang out with good at Arcadia.

Aside from that Melanie cares deeply about her family, and determined to get them out of the Isle of the Damned. Having a huge resentment against the villains who imprisoned them there. Due to the fact that she was alright with the villains children. But as for the villains she has no desire for them to even be anywhere near Arcadia. Making Melanie very stubborn and if anyone was to hold a conversation with her she would not be the likely candidate.

Despite her hate for the villains and determination. She is very intelligent and often known to be in the smart classes and being the one her brother goes to do his work for him. Which Melanie often declines and despite being on the other end of his taunting. The only person who can ultimately have some sort of control over him. Although she is often described as a goody two shoes, which is in many cases the truth about how she acts. Making her the mini me of Cinderella. 
Being born two minutes before her twin brother in Charmington. Melanie had lived the life of happinesses. With the belief that the villains were not good people.
friends: lorem ipsum
enemies: lorem ipsum
lovers: lorem ipsum

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