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Crystal Winter (WIP)

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Crystal Winter (WIP)

Post by Crystal Winter on Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:11 am

crystal winter
full name: Crystal Lauren Winter
birthdate: 11/17
age: 16
hometown: Snow Kingdom
current town: Arcadia
child of: Snow Queen

Crystal is a kind and friendly girl. She likes to get along with everyone around her. She is very cheerful and happy girl, she has always smile on her face. She is the brave one and isn't afraid of to the lead and act when needed. She is actually quite a smart one.
She was born in the Snow Kingdom. She had very loving parents who cared very much about her, well she still does. They seemed to be always there for her and they will do everything from their daughter.

At first, Crystal did attend to Ever After High since it was a school where all her friends did attend. Now she goes to Auradon Prep School. These schools aren't so much different from each other.
friends: She has few people who she calls friends but she gets along with everyone. Her best friends are Kitty, Holly & Melody.
enemies: She is pretty sure she has few of them too even if she herself doesn't consider anyone has her enemy.
lovers: Never yet had boyfriend or any other such relationships. She is so innocent in all this.
alias :
occupation :
faction :
sexual orientation :
parentage :
Snow Queen
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