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Gideon Gold

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Gideon Gold

Post by Gideon Gold on Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:07 am

Gideon Gold
full name: Gideon Rumple Gold
birthdate: 3/21
age: 14
hometown: Isle of the Damned
current town: Arcadia
child of: Rumpelstiltskin and Unnamed Woman

Gideon can often be described as someone who is very mischievous and charming, and also very smart. Since he knows how to charm his way and make deals which was something his father often having him doing in the Isle of the Lost. Which in one way one could say Gideon is like his father. Even though he is much nicer and he often wishes he could be a royal.

Making him often conflicted, but he does have a knack for getting in trouble, although for the most part he tries to stay out of it. Even though he often believes that trouble makes it ways towards him. Due to his father's deals he makes which often affects his older brother and him.

As for what Gideon likes he enjoys pranks, and is fond of pranking his older brother Raiden. Even though for the most part Gideon likes to make deals with others due to his father raising him to be that way. And not really knowing good from bad and his brother was far from help with that.

Leading Gideon to often try to be good, but in many cases was never successful, and is often described as being rather nervous. Which started when he learned what his sexuality was even though he knew there would be no worried. So for the most part Gideon is someone who is conflicted.
Gideon had lived most of his life in the Isle of the Lost, stricking deals with anyone he could. Which was the job his father often gave him, since he felt it would perhaps carry on his legacy. But truly what legacy could his father really have was a thought often in Gideon mind growing up. Gideon often spent his free time on his own whether it be in alleyways or in his bedroom.

Since there was not much fun someone could have in Isle of the Lost, since most freedoms others had been taken away from them. Which in many cases Gideon found to be understandable, but often found it to be rather unfair that no one would give their children a chance.

Leaving Gideon to mostly live his life not knowing from right or wrong, since his father rarely cared about him or his brother. Although he did favor his older brother more than he did Gideon. Even though he still taught him his ways, which is why Gideon is often described as witty, charismatic, and mischievous since he would often find ways to use it.

Then once the opportunity arose for him to leave the Isle of the Lost, Gideon took it since he wanted to be able toe experiance good. Which his father both gave them instructions, which right from than Gideon knew he would not follow them since he was going to be good.

And he often attempts to be good and he often succeeds.
friends: Gideon never had never had much friends since growing up he often spent his time by his self. Due to the fact he never wanted to be associated with people and his father often treated him not the greatest. So it grew Gideon to prefer to be a lone wolf.
enemies: Gideon had many enemies when he first came to Arcadia before the villains took over. Leaving Gideon to often be picked on and many people not wanting to be his friend since they were scared they would pass it on to them. Which mean not many people like Gideon.
lovers: Despite being bisexual Gideon does not have luck with finding lovers. So most of the time is fully single, despite having crushes, he still prefers to be single.
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