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Raven Queen

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Raven Queen

Post by Raven Queen on Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:00 am

raven queen
full name: raven drusilla queen
birthdate: 11/25
age: 15
hometown: isle of the damned
current town: arcadia
child of: the evil queen

Though she is commonly seen as being evil just like her mother, that isn't true about her at all. Raven is actually very loyal and considerate to her friends and those around her. However, due to her reputation, Raven can be rather sarcastic and deadpan when she feels as though she needs to be. When she interacts with others, she's often suspicious about their intentions until she knows for sure that they mean no harm. Raven has a huge love for music; she tends to listen to anything and enjoys playing the guitar and piano along with some singing when nobody else is around.
Raven was born to the Evil Queen as one of two daughters and to the Good King as his only known child. Due to having being born on the Isle of the Damned, Raven isn't given status of being royalty along with not exactly having the best quality environment to be raised in. At times, she often found herself being overshadowed by Evie, presumably due to resembling their mother more than she did. Despite that, there have been time where her father had told her that she was like a carbon copy, in appearance, of her mother.

She never liked being seen as evil; Raven never really had a leaning to evil though she was rather disappointed whenever her powers backfired when she used them to do good. Unlike her sister, Raven never enjoyed doing malicious stuff for fun. If she had to be brutally honest, she'd rather be dead than be like her mother. That caused her to feel some resentment for her mother and sister overtime though she's still rather loyal to them due to being the only family she sees on a consistent basis.

When she found out that she was going to go to Arcadia, Raven really didn't know what to think. To her, it just felt rather scary to go away from what she had been used to for the past couple years of her life. She later decided to use that chance as an opportunity to prove to the world that she's not like her mother at all.
friends: Raven is always up to make some friends though she finds it hard to make friends due to her reputation.
enemies: I don't think Raven has very many enemies outside of her perceived reputation.
lovers: Raven isn't interested in relationships at the moment.
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the evil queen
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