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Poppy O'Hair

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Poppy O'Hair

Post by Poppy O'Hair on Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:51 am

Poppy O'Hair
full name: Poppy Primrose O'Hair
birthdate: 06/19
age: 15
current town:Aradia
child of:Rapunzel and Euguene Fitizherbert

 One of Poppy things that she loves is deserts. And cake seems ton be at the top of the list. There is so many that it makes it hard to choose her favorite one. Vanilla seems to always be in her top choices. But she also loves the strawberry. Cheesecake is also one that is hard for her to say no.With all the deserts it makes her wonder how she stays so tiny. Another thing that is her hobby ad it is collecting teddy bears. Even if it seems childish. She has a bear from every Christmas. And it is something that her family know would be a perfect gift for her. Her favorite bear is the one that her father gave to her when she was little. It stays on her bed at school. Poppy favorite person in the whole world would be her twin. And it isn't because she is her sister. It is because they are best friends. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter is the best time. And it is because she can change her looks depending on the time of the year it is. She is known for being a fashionista. Her hair is her second major like. And it because she is always changing the color. And she can play around and find what works with her personality. Jewelry goes hand in hand with what she wears. And because she knows that it can always make an outfit look good. Even though most of the time she has a necklace that her mother gave her. And she never takes it off. Something that she loves as much as her sister is her pet. It is a chameleon just like her mother. Pascal Junior has always been there to cheer her up. He is always changing colors which inspire Poppy with how she dyes her hair.

Split ends and bad hair days go together. And it is because she hates them both. It never fails when she thinks she has a good hair day' and it goes bad. Usually because of the rain or humidity. Which she really hates when the rain does that. When it comes to split ends it means that she has to cut her hair. Which she doesn't mind. Since that is what she wants to be. But still it is very annoying and you have to keep on top of it. Something else that Poppy hates are idiots, but she calls them idijts. Even if she doesn't say it out loud. And she knew that she does stupid stuff sometimes. Then she calls herself out on it. Bugs and spiders is something that she has always  hated. And it isn't because she is a girl. She has always been terrified of them. But she knows that they are around to keep other bugs countdown. Drama is something that Poppy can live without. And she has no idea why some love all the drama. It is just one big headache to her. That is why she tries to live a drama free life, The site of blood will make Poppy pass out. And she really has no idea why this happens. There have been times she will get sick to her stomach. But when she cuts herself she tries to look away.

One of Poppy's strengths is being unique. And it is because she marches to the beat of her own drum. And it is part of her personality. It makes her  who she is. Being friendly is something that isn't a problem for Poppy. And it is because she likes making new friends. So that also means that she is very outgoing. Having humor has worked in Poppy's favor. Even if sometimes the jokes are cheezy. It means that she made someone smile. And that made her day because she could make someone else day better. Being  courageous has so many meanings. From standing up to someone else when they are being mean to others. To just being who she was and not worry about her destiny. With all of her fashion choices and hair colors, Poppy learned to be confident. And she likes to think that she is helping others be more confident about themselves. Energetic is one word, to sum up, her. And it is because she is always moving, It is like she has been doing pixie sticks or is always hyper. But it is something that others won't want her to change. Poppy has a big heart. That is why people says that she is compassionate. She is always helping others or putting someone else needs before hers.

There are times when she can be lazy. It is something that she means to fix. But it doesn't always work out. Poppy makes a lot of lists but never follows them. When there is a group project she likes to take it upon herself to be a leader. And others will say that she is being too strict. She sees it as she is making it the best that she can. And when she is in charge if she can be a little bit bossy. Standing in lines or having to wait on someone Poppy hates. And it is because she is an impatient person. It is something that knows that she needs to work on. And she knows that her family and friends would. Poppy doesn't like to sugar coat anything and will tell you the truth. And she knows that sometimes it hurts. But she has always been blunt. She knows that this hurts other feelings. But she only does it because it is the truth. And she knows the person needs to hear it,Complaining is at the top of her list. And she does this a lot, gets on other nerves too. Like when there is a paper due and she needs more time. Or when she needs to get up for class but wants more sleep. There are some things that she wants to change about herself. But she knows this makes her Poppy.
Poppy has a twin sister, Holly. She is the daughter of Rapunzel. For years Poppy thought that she was the younger twin. Which she was ok because she could control her life. And she wasn't tied down to destiny. Soon Poppy and Holly learn that it is really Holly who is the younger twin making Poppy the oldest and the one expected to be the "next Rapunzel". However, for years the reverse was thought to be true and Poppy, while missing purpose in her life, likes the freedom of not having a destiny.  it is revealed that Poppy's name is Holly and Holly's real name is Poppy. Their birth certificates had been switched.

Poppy is now attending Arcadia with her twin sister. Which she is different from her twin.Holly has blonde and looks the part. Because everybody knows that Holly is going to be the next Rapunzel. Poppy is known for her rainbow hair. She likes that she can be herself and not have to worry about her destiny. She is studying to become a hairdresser. When she isn't in school, she goes to the Tower Hair Salon is where she getting her training, Hair is something that is a way to express herself. That is why she is always trying new colors. Unlike her twin who keeps her blonde hair.

Like her mother Poppy has a chameleon. Poppy loved watching Pascal when she was younger. So when one was given to her as a gift. It was something that was dear to her. So she decided to call her Pascal Junior. It only made sense, because it was like her mothers. Even if she didn't' want the destiny, it was still something that was part of her mother's childhood..
friends: Her sister is her best friend. But she hangs out with Kitty, Rosebella and Airi
enemies: Oh there has been some since she is very blunt by what she says
lovers: None yet but that can always change
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