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Holly O'Hair

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Holly O'Hair

Post by Holly O'Hair on Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:34 am

holly o'hair
full name: Holly Emily O'Hair
birthdate: 06/19
age: 15
hometown: Corona
current town: Arcadia
child of: Rapunzel

Holly is a friendly and kind person. Who tends to get along with everyone. She just likes to meet new people and same time also hang out with her old friends. She just likes to talk with people. Well, when needed she can be a mean or rude person too, it happens only when you really piss her off or keep annoying her way too long or when you are mean to her friends or family.

She has become quite a creative one for sure over years. Oh well, she is very ambitious one too. She really loves drawing. Art is a very important thing in her life. She can't imagine her life without it. She really likes to draw something or just to do any other form of art, like a painting. She spends most of her days doing her own art.

Holly can be quite a stubborn one for sure, only when she really wants something or has set her mind on something. She is very ambitious one too for sure. She wants to have just a successful life. She can be even quite determined one. When she sets her mind on something then she needs to finish it no matter what.

At times she can be quite a naive one even. She just isn't very experienced in most of the things and doesn't really know much. One of these things is relationships with boys. Oh, she is very patient one when it comes waiting for someone, she likes people be on time but she can patient when it comes to drawing/painting.

Holly is very sensitive actually but she tries do not show out often. Since girl knows that crying in front everyone wouldn't make anything better, so she prefers to do it when she alone. But if you hurt her feelings then it won't end well for you. You might get back so much worse.
Holly was born as the first daughter to Rapunzel and Eugene. Just only ten minutes after she was born her twin sister Poppy. (But actually it was another way around but it's secret between twins) The twins seem to be very different by personalities but this never stopped them being close. They might don’t like same things but they always will be there for each other. They keep each other secrets. Of course, there are times when the twins do fight too but they usually resolve these things in few days. They just can’t hate each other very long time. After them hasn’t been born any kids into the family.

The family is quite a close one they always seem to be there for each other when needed. They just love everyone in the family. Like to spend time together.

When Holly was three she began to love drawing. Her pictures back then didn’t look so beautiful for sure but she knew if she practises more then one day she will get better. Years did pass and her art was so much better for sure. She had even begun to love painting pictures. She even takes now extra art lessons for herself, so she could advance more in it. Also, she looks so much from the internet when she can. So you can see her painting whenever she has free time. There is also times when you see her reading books since at times she wants to do also this. She loves reading books too. She loves every book there is but most commonly she reads fantasy books.

Over years she became someone who didn't have much of friends actually but same time her sister has so many. Well, Holly didn't wanna be that of a popular kid. She more likely would have few friends but who are close to her. She just loves to not share everything with people around here and well friends aren't the most important thing for Maddie. For her most important thing is art and at times reading.

When she was sixteen her parents decided to transfer her to Auradon Prep school, so she could get the best education what is there to get. Also, it was a school where all hero and villain kids could get along. Even Holly was excited about it. She really wanted to go there already for awhile. She just found this school interesting one. Now when she is here already been a couple of weeks, she has really liked here. Everyone seems so nice to her so far, she really wonders how things will end up for her. She knows the history of her mother very well. She has blonde hair but it doesn't seem to have any magical healing actually, but you never know.born basically as the older twin but later one it was found out that she was actually younger one but the siblings decided to keep it as secret from everyone. She did actually have a good life. Twins have always so much different but still they get along quite fine.

She used to go Ever After Hight but now goes to Arcadiauradon Prep.
friends: She has few friend in her life. Her best frienss seems to be her twin sister Poppy and then girl name Kitty. She just doesn't call everyone as her friend.
enemies: She has probably few of them but she herself doesn't call any one her enemy unless you have done something to her or her close people.
lovers: In this part of girl is very innocent. She has never even had her first kiss yet. So she is open fro everything.
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