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Rosebella Windsor WIP

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Rosebella Windsor WIP

Post by Rosebella Windsor on Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:14 pm

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full name: full name
birthdate: mm/dd
age: ##
current town:
child of: Belle and Beast

Some of Rosabella favorite things are her collection of trinkets. Music jewelry boxes are her favorite. Also, the ones have horses and the ballerina in the box. Like her mother she has a love for books. She can always be found with a good book in her hand. Also, she loves spending time in the library. Rosabella is her mother's daughter. Chocolate is her major love but could be her weakness. And it is because she loves to eat. But she tries to limit herself so that it doesn't go straight to her hips. She has a love for pretty things. But it is everything from dresses, cakes, and even animals. There is no limit to pretty things. And she likes to try and find the prettiness in others. Rosabella favorite flower has to be a rose. And it isn't because her mother loves them. Or that it is part of her name. It is because of the beauty and the smell. Winter months are her favorite because of the snow And it is because she can do many things in the snow. And even just sitting inside with hot chocolate just watching it come down.

Bugs are something that she doesn't like. And it is because her brother, Ben would scare her when they were little. Worms is a bug that makes her skin crawl. She tries not to make a big scene if a bug is on her. But it seems like she makes it a big deal. Rosabella has always been jealous of her younger sister, Braelynn. And it is because when she was born, Rosabella wasn't the only little girl. And her parents thought that she would grow out of it. So she isn't a close to her like she is with Briar. Even though she likes the snow, she hates the cold weather. It is something that doesn't make seem right But she hates being cold and will always bundle up to stay warm. Spiders are something that she hates the most. From the tiniest to a huge one. She acts the same way that she does with bugs. Rosabella knows the spider has jobs to keep other bugs. But it is something that she could do without.Getting muddy is something that she hates. And it is because she believes that it ruins everything. It is because if she gets it on her, that means that she has to change clothes. Or she needs a shower. Divas is what she hates almost as much as bugs or spiders. And it is because they think that they are better than everybody else. There are times when Rosabella will have her diva moments. Even though she has them and not realize it till after is over.

Trustworthy is something that is a strength. She is one to keep her friends secrets or when someone tells her something. And it is because she doesn't like to spread gossip around. Because somehow it will always come back to be bad. She is sure that there are rumors about her, but she doesn't really care about that. Being optimistic is something that is also part of her personality. Looking at the glass half full is the best. She looks and will always find the good things in what she is doing. Even if it is something that is hard. She always tries to stay positive about everything. Caring is another one of her strengths. And it is because she likes to make everyone feel good. She wants to make everyone feel special in their own way. Warm is something that also is part of her caring personality. And it is because she likes to make everyone feel wanted. Feeling important to others, it something that she likes Rosabella likes to inspire others to do better. It can be something from being simple to painting a masterpiece. It is how she brings the best out in others. Creative is something that is a major in her life. Crafting is something that she loves to do in her spare time. Rosabella has taken interested in painting. Even if right now she isn't good, she knows that it if she works hard she can be.

Being impatient is one of her major weakness. And it is because she hates waiting and standing in lines. It is something that she knows that she needs to work on. But it is so hard, she knows that it will take a long time to break it. Telling people how it is, not the best thing. She hates to sugarcoat anything. She will tell you if your outfit looks horrible. And it isn't because she doesn't like people. It just that she doesn't want to lie to them and telling them things will be good. Or that they look good and they really look trashy. Selfish is another major weakness for Rosabella. And it is because she likes a lot of attention or she just wants her me time. There are some many ways that she is selfish, and it is something that she would like to work on. Rosabella can be naive. And it when she shows her lack of judgment or lack of experience. There are times when she doesn't let wisdom come into play. This also goes hand and hand with being reckless. Because she will do the thing without thinking it through. And it always ends up being bad for her. Complaining is something that is major for her. She will do it and not realize it. And after she complains she feels bad about herself. Wish that she could change it, its something that she need to work on. To complain less is one of her new goals.
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friends: lorem ipsum
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lovers: lorem ipsum

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