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Rotten to the Core (Open)

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Rotten to the Core (Open)

Post by Jay Hussain on Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:21 pm

Jay sighed as he sat in the cafeteria he felt like he was caged. Like he felt on the isle due to the fact that his father and the other villains had taken over Arcadia. He felt like he had to be the guy he was before he did not like that side of himself he didn't want to steal yet he was back to being his fathers errand boy he was stuck getting him supplies for his new shop. He was stuck hurting those who he cared about. Though more then anything he just wanted to stick to honing his skills in the sport that he fell in love with Torney though that was not his life now. He was back to being the criminal he was before he came to Arcadia
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Re: Rotten to the Core (Open)

Post by Kitty Cheshire on Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:50 pm

Kitty didn't like this school that much anymore. She couldn't even find words to describe it all what was happening around here. She didn't really like how villains had taken over Arcadia. Even she couldn't make people feel better anymore with her pranks since everything failed so badly. It made her be even sad most of the times like so many seemed to be. She walked into the cafeteria, the place where you can eat but well she wasn't here for it really. She looked around the place. She needed something get her mind of all this. She noticed Jay, who was one of the villain kids. She disappeared and a few seconds later she was behind her and was seen again. "Hey," she said to him there now. They have never really talked much, she could tell by her expressions he wasn't really happy too. "Is everything okay?" she asked there from him, even if Kitten know the answer already.

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