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Jay Hussain

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Jay Hussain

Post by Jay Hussain on Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:59 pm

Jay Hussain
full name:Jay Jafar Hussain
birthdate: N/A (Not a major thing on the Isle)
hometown: Isle of the Damned
current town: Arcadia
child of: Jafar

 Jay is a sneaky, confident, and handsome guy. Jay was raised to believe that he must get everything and to forget others as well. He's vengeful like Mal and he's athletic. As the son of Jafar, Jay wants to gain his father's respect by stealing the 'big prize'. He isn't fond with how friendship works. Jay has always charm his way to get what he wants back on the Isle. Like the others, Jay was never shown affection by his parent so, when he tries out for the tourney team and makes it, he gets a chance to see what's it like to be a part of something as special. He's shown to have kleptomaniac tendencies, as he often steals objects on the fly. He can also be a flirt.
Jay grew up in the Isle of the Loss where he stole things for his father Jafar to sell as merchandise for his store. He is friends with Mal, and Carlos who he gets into mischief. He was chosen to attend Arcadia Prep as a trial for kids of the Isle of the Loss to be given a second chance.

Originally Jay went to Arcadia Prep with Mal, and Carlos to steal Fairy God Mother's wand to set the citizens of Isle of the Loss free. Though this was not his plan it was the plan of Mal's mother Maleficent who wanted to take over Arcadia. However he eventually just wanted to be a tourney player and a student of Arcadia.

Jay is currently working on learning to behave and finish his schooling. In the future he plans to become a pro Tourney player. He does not want to be like his father so he is trying to pull away from his old ways and is succeeding a little each day.
friends: Jay's friends keep him sane and essentially out of trouble. Some of his closet friends are Mal, Evie, Carlos and Ben. He however is always looking for more friends.
enemies: Jay has a few enemies most are from the Isle of the Damned where he had went against his family and those who took care of him. Currently his main enemies are Maleficent, Jafar his father and Cruella de Vil
lovers: Jay is more of a flirt and tends to flirt with a various of girls. Though he is looking for someone to love him he is just afraid of commitment.
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